(B) If Malaysia Was Anime: Covidball Z – Vol. 2


Volume 2 of the Covidball Z series.

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The year is 2020 and we are STILL under attack from the Covid Forces! While Malaysia fights the virus threat, another country also has to deal with the invasion. And their stubborn leader.

Volume 2 of the Covidball Z series.

This comic book is a work of parody and satire. It tells the story of how the world reacted during the 2020 pandemic. Storytelling has been enhanced to be as ridiculous and as anime as possible.

We know it’s a manga but the word anime sounds better.

Fully coloured!
High quality print!
Durable paper material!
Kick ass content!

Contains several chapters that was never uploaded online because the author thought it was too stupid to post up.

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